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Scam Me Softly On Telegram.

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

We already know all those rules how to behave on forums like Telegram. Just Cardano Official group on telegram has more than 20,000 banned accounts on that front.

New scam accounts popping one after another every day. So what are those basic rules which are often reminded to us on Cardano Telegram channels? Or any Cardano public forum. Doesn't hurt to remind yourself at times. Below you can find commonly re-pinned message on these forums:

Basic Scam Awareness

🔴 Anyone who sends you a private message is scamming you. If they look official, they are NOT. They are impersonating someone.

🔴 There are never deadlines with ada. Your ada is always safe as long as you know the seed words to the wallet.

🔴 Never put your seed words into a website, no matter how official it looks.

🔴 Giveaways are a SCAM!

🔴 You are never required to send ada to a wallet you do not own. Don't do it.

🔴 Never tell anyone your seed words.

🔴 There is no online Live Chat Support website.

🟢 Always STOP and think before making a decision or doing anything. Are you being scammed? Double check by asking in an official public platform.

‼️Transactions are not reversible‼️


What you often find are also accounts impersonating administrators or any other official capacities from the Cardano ecosystem. They will even use the same photos and bio of existing legitimate persons just to confuse you. You should always forward messages and report these to forum to keep them at bay.

Now the fun part. To better visualise how these people operate, meet our newest friend - Robert. Robert works for a BIG FX company that deals with international trading and transacting. Very "helpful" fella. So I took him for a field trip earlier day today - our conversation went something like this:

And that's it. Well If he ever comes back - there'll be second part to this. But I hope he'll figure it out sooner or later. Let's see. At least wasted his time for an hour there.

So don't ever follow up with unsolicited direct messages. Unless you can verify who the person is safely. If you know what you're doing - you can have a bit of fun - like I just did. Waste their time and lower chances of scamming someone else. Otherwise, block and report them immediately. Whatever you do - stay safe out there at all times.

P.S.: Characters depicted in this are entirely fictional on my side. Don't worry.


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