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Congratulations! Cardano Rewards Are In. Also Not In. Heck?

If you received your first rewards last night, Congratulations and thank you for your trust in Proof of Stake protocol at Cardano. Conversely, if you didn't get rewards last night there are couple of possible reasons

A: You didn't stake ADA at all. If you haven't staked your ADA, don't be surprised that you haven't received your rewards. There is never too late. You can explore following pages as a fantastic start to get you up to speed in case you are confused:



B: You haven't managed to stake prior August 8th, 21:45 UTC when the first deadline was due. Those who have staked just in time were eligible for the first rewards today already. Unsure about your dates, check the attached table. Courtesy of our fellow SPO, Rick from DIGI. Thank you, R!

C: Your pool hasn't found a block yet. Even if you staked prior August 8th. This is not by stake pool's fault so far.

  1. Vast majority of blocks are still being minted by central authority. It will remain so until we reach d factor (decentralisation) 0.

  2. Only 10% and 20% of blocks were minted by stake pools during previous two epochs respectively. Current epoch (212) we are at 22%. This will drop slowly each epoch by epoch.

  3. This will take about 180 days or so if all goes according to plan.

  4. At the moment, all pools have had equal chance of find blocks based on their active stake.

  5. Further, make sure to zoom out and understand minted blocks amounts.

  6. Bigger pools need to mint more because they have more people to pay rewards to.

  7. Smaller pools don't need to mint as many blocks because they have lesser ADA delegated. Always calculate rewards per total ADA delegated.

  8. Rewards are ANNUALIZED. Not "epochized" Some epochs your pool will earn more, others less. It will even out over the course of the year.

  9. If your pool has their technology side of things top notch - these early results literally mean nothing. Please, be patient with your pool operators as they are awaiting their results. It takes time. Cardano is not a ponzi scheme.

Thus, to conclude, concept of time is extremely important to understand within Cardano ecosystem. This is to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. In order to get things right regardless of circumstances, I invite you to scroll through few words I wrote on the topic. As mentioned earlier, you can then also find a table of what's the schedule like for the rest of the year. Thank you Rick (from DIGI). Concept of Time Flow in Cardano: Wish to be part of Cardano ecosystem? Please, keep educating yourself and those around you with kindness. Spread the knowledge, not the fud. 💙

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