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...And We Are Live. What's Next?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Last night, mere 16 minutes and 46 seconds prior the end of Epoch 208 on Cardano network, we did it. Stake pool FAY came to life. It has been months in making and the day has finally come. Who would have thought that random ideas and impromptu conversations months and years prior would come to light in such a fashion.

So what's next for us? Getting 50, 100, 200 million of delegated ADA in the next hours, right? Probably not. That's when the next leg of work springs up. Setting up a pool is just the first step towards the decentralisation of the Cardano network. Next weeks will see lots of tinkering around, observing the pool and optimising it even further.

As of today, we already see around 700 registered stake pools. That's a massive achievement by any measure. Phenomenal interest. But we have to live up to the promise when signing up. Next weeks and months will be tough. We wish all our fellow pool operators all the resilience needed to persevere. It will be a grind but we all strive towards the same goal. Seeing Cardano succeed in the long-term.

That's where you can count on us to be a stable pillar of the community. Yes, monetary rewards once upon a time in the future is an exciting prospect. Who could honestly say they didn't care about it at all? However, the bigger picture here has potentially far more reaching implications then what the price of ADA token is today.

In the future posts, we'll try to outline our ethos and motivations in a greater detail. Just like those many years ago envisioned, the world of Satoshi is slowly coming around and we get to play an active role in it. Cardano is its next natural evolutionary cycle of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

We're super excited that our platform is live and that we can start delivering on the Cardano promise. Looking forward to getting to know you along the way. Hop along.

You can find us under ticker FAY via your favourite wallet. Check out our Library to learn more about delegating or operating pool. Or go directly to pool staking info page.

Danny, Stefan & Lukas

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