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Powering The World of Cardano Blockchain

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Staking Standard


CryptoFay is a blockchain validator responsible for verifying transactions within the network. There are many types of validation protocols such as proof of work (PoW) or stake (PoS). Sounds terrifying? No need, check out our Proof of X Library page to learn more about each.

These consensus algorithm mechanisms are used to achieve the security guarantees. That's where we come in. Securing decentralised networks and ledgers by providing professional validator services running high impact nodes and stake pools. 


We strive to provide network support which leaders not only approve of, but also depend on. Join our community to help us hatch the future. Become the leading validating standard, earn staking rewards, and fund your favourite cause.

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Since 2017, proudly supporting network security and validating services for


Cardano: a 3rd generation blockchain based on a scientific, peer-reviewed philosophy.

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How It All Adds Up

Digital keyhole. Concept of cyber securi


You Know Us

Not just another anonymous crypto musketeers. We're here loud and clear to hatch the future together. Yet, we value privacy over secrecy. Come, don't be shy and grab a coffee with us.

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Giving Back

Think Beyond Crypto

All our saturated pools have rewards structure in mind that contributes substantially to our charitable arm, CryptoFay Foundation. Help make a difference with us today!

'Five Nines'

Only the Best in Security & Reliability

Sitting around the pools sipping margadaritas? Nah. Ever tinkering around to find ways how to improve security & increase efficiency. Our servers are running 24/7/365 and built with world class code and infrastructure in mind. 

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Walk The Talk

Personal Stakes

Our own resources are locked up in each individual validator pool. Market turbulences don't phase us. We shoot for the big picture and decentralised future for generations to come.


Say Hello

We're trio of world class misfits that love what we do. Lurking around the crypto space since the early days. In 2017, discovering what now is a famous whiteboard video from Charles Hoskinson. It has introduced us to the promise of Cardano blockchain and the ecosystem that comes with it.

Come, hop along for a journey with us.

We have a feeling that it'll be epic. 



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Born to run IT infrastructure.

DevOps and SRE all the way.



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Spent first bitcoin to pay rent in 2013. Both, joyfully and regretfully. 



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Software development is my favourite jelly everyday.

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Perhaps You?

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Interested in hopping along for a ride? Drop us a message and we'll get back to you soon!

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We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about us and how you can benefit from working together. We are open to any discussions. Holla at us via hello [at] cryptofay [dot] io

Meanwhile, watch below live pandas. We all need more pandas in our lives, right?

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